Selection and construction of outdoor marble paving stone

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When selecting and constructing outdoor marble paving stone, there are many details to pay attention to.

Marble is a kind of high-grade decorative material, and its application in outdoor paving is more and more favored by people. Choosing the right outdoor marble paving stone can not only improve the overall environmental quality, but also increase the value of the house. When selecting and constructing outdoor marble paving stone, there are many details to pay attention to.

How to choose outdoor marble paving stone?

1. Choose the right color: Choose the right marble color according to the overall style of the site and personal preferences. White marble fresh and elegant, suitable for light luxury style; Grey marble stable and elegant, suitable for Nordic style; Black marble is noble and luxurious, suitable for modern sty.

2. Consider the specifications and sizes: outdoor marble paving stone has various specifications and sizes, and the appropriate specifications can be selected according to the actual needs. Generally speaking, marble bricks with larger specifications are more suitable for laying large areas, and marble bricks with smaller specifications are more suitable for trimming and decoration.

3. Understand the quality grade: The quality grade of marble brick is mainly divided into A, B, C, etc., A grade is the best quality, high surface gloss, and clear texture. When choosing marble bricks, choose regular brands that meet national standards to ensure product quality.

How to carry out outdoor marble paving stone construction

1. Foundation treatment: Before construction, the ground should be fully cleaned and leveled to ensure that the ground is smooth and no water. If there are potholes on the ground, they can be filled with mortar or cement, and then pressed and tamped.

2. Paving marble tiles: The marble tiles are laid on the ground in turn according to the design pattern, and ensure that the gap between the bricks and the bricks is uniform. When laying, pay attention to the solid contact between the brick and the ground to prevent warping or falling.

3. Beauty finishing: After paving is completed, use edge sealing agent to fill the brick seam to ensure a beautiful appearance. Then use cleaning tools to clean the floor, remove debris and cement stains, and finally present a delicate marble paving effect.

Outdoor marble paving stone is not only a decorative material, but also a way of life. While enjoying luxury and comfort, you can also feel the beauty of nature and the quality of life. Choose marble paving bricks to make your outdoor space glow with unique charm and become a unique landscape space.

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